10 things to talk to your tiler about

10 things to talk to your tiler about


Tiling needs project management just like any other home building activity.

A little bit of thought process before the glue is being applied will keep everybody happy.


1) Is he a licenced tiler? This should always be checked, saves any discrepancies later and you know he has qualifications for the best finish.


2) Get your tiler to double (and triple!) check measurements/quantities so there is no last minute rush to hunt down extra tiles.


3) Discuss how the tiles will be laid. Is it stacked, brick style, organic overlay, horizontal, vertical or on a diagonal. Sometimes brick style can help when walls are not straight. It’s a good idea to lay out a box of tiles to visualize what style you may like. Be careful, as tiles are delicate until they are laid.


4) Where the tiling starts governs where you will see full tiles and where you will see cut tiles. Consider what you will look at when you are in the room. For example, are the tiles behind the door, will there be furniture on top of them.
5) Is your tiler familiar with the new large format tiles and the levelling tools that should be used?


6) Discuss the detail on the edges of walls and corners. Tile trims come in various shapes, colours and finishes. A mitred edge on the tile is a lovely option but can be time consuming and there- fore will ad to the laying cost.


7) Discuss grout colours, for any colour other than white you should select it at our store with the help of our consultants.


8) Some tiles need to be sealed, check if the tiler will do this. It maybe a good idea to seal grout, particularly white grout on a kitchen splashback or in a boys bathroom next to the toilet.


9) If tiling in a bathroom ask the tiler about smart wastes, they are much more aesthetically pleasing.


10) Ask the tiler when it is suitable to walk on the tiles, weather conditions can affect drying and setting times.


Your tile purchase needs the skill and care of a thoughtful tiler, with this, they will look amazing for the next generation.

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