5 Tile Grout Hacks That Will Change Your Life

5 Tile Grout Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Many of us are terrified at the thought of tile grout. It brings back unwanted memories of mouldy shower floors and greasy grout lines in your splash back…

But times are changing! There are many alternatives to using regular untreated, sanded grout in-between your tiles. Being less afraid of our grout means we can use it to our advantage when it comes to designing our spaces.

GROUT HACK #1  Ditch the old-school grout.

Not many people know about the new(ish) and improved tile grout called Epoxy grout. Epoxy is made up of a grout as well as a liquid that gets mixed into it and means you never have to worry about mould or dirt getting stuck in the your grout again.

GROUT HACK #2  Grey is the new black.

For the most of the part, grey is the perfect colour to hide dirt, dust and grease. If you don’t want to fork out the extra cash on Epoxy stain proof grout, use a darker coloured grout (mid grey or even pale grey) instead of going straight to white grout.

GROUT HACK #3  Seal, seal, seal.

When it comes to grout, sealer is your best friend! A penetrating sealer will stop mould, stains and make it 100 times easier when it comes to cleaning your grout. The Aqua Mix Grout Sealer available in all of our stores is particularly easy to apply as it comes in a handy spray nozzle bottle. Too easy!

GROUT HACK #4  The Miracle Pen.

CTA’s Miracle Grout Pen works WONDERS when it comes to restoring old, mouldy grout lines that used to be white. The pen covers up any discolouration and makes your grout look brand new again.

GROUT HACK #5  Keep it simple, silly!

There’s nothing more important that simplifying your tiling process. If you have big tiles you will end up using a LOT less grout and therefore make cleaning an absolute breeze. We have tiles in store that are upwards of 60cm by 60cm that are perfect for tiling your wet areas.