Slip resistant Tiles

Find a wide selection of slip resistant  tiles in Newcastle And Sydney

It’s important to know that there are different tiles for different functions around the home. Some tiles are designed primarily for aesthetic and decorative purposes while some will be used in high foot-traffic areas. While any floor covering can present a risk of slipping, tripping or falling, anti-slip tiles are those which have the least likelihood of causing an accident.

Anti-slip tiles are essential for areas both indoors and outdoors where water or other contaminants will be present. Types of tiles suitable for these areas include fluted tiles, travertine, terracotta, sandstone, slate or any unglazed tile. Many anti-slip tile varieties come with an added abrasive grit or raised texture such as ribs or studs to help prevent slipping.

At Tile Mega Mart we have a team of experts who can discuss the best tiles to use in high slip-risk areas. Call or email for more information, or visit our showrooms in Sydney or Newcastle where you can see our wall displays for yourself.