Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon, a shape celebrated in nature

Our customers ask “Hexagon wall/splashback tiles “??   ” Absolutely”,  we have them with patterns or in plain colours. Many kitchen splash backs are the focal point with guests gathering around the kitchen bench, so make it spectacular for you and everyone to enjoy.


It is said that the hexagonal tile is inspired by ancient Roman and Moorish designs and patterns. But I like to think that we should celebrate the humble bee kingdom for being so clever to use this amazing shape. Hexagonal tiles are available in ceramic and porcelain and can look stunning when used to create a feature wall as well as a splash back. You can even use them to liven up a fireplace for an interesting wow factor.


For more ideas on how you can use hexagonal wall tiles bring us a snap shot or drawing where your thinking and we  can show you which one will be perfect. Each one of our mega warehouses has great staff who really enjoy the process of creating your perfect interior.