Matching Existing Tiles

Matching Existing Tiles

Our Sydney and Newcastle teams can help you decide what will look best

Matching existing tiles – these requests usually come from plumbing problems, where bathroom floor tiles have to be removed. Or our customers have decided to extend a room, get rid of a fire-place, change the kitchen windows; the reasons are always varied and interesting!

The general answer to this is: “No, we can’t match your tiles perfectly.”

But why not?

Tiles are produced in runs or batches, generally around a 1000mts or more. These are then distributed around the world or, as in Australia, to all the states in a country. The next run or batch that is produced may have a slightly different shade due to the amount of pigment that goes into the machinery, and even plain white wall tiles from batch to batch can differ ever so slightly.

Fashion in tiles is forever changing so tiles may be produced for a year or two and then the design, colour, texture, pattern and or size will most likely be tweaked or discontinued.

We can match your tile design if it was purchased recently and we still have the same stock.
If it is a floor tile, wall tile, feature tile or exterior tile we do have solutions to help. Before you start tiling or removing tiles, bring a piece of the tile into one of our stores so we can accurately see the colour, pattern and texture. We can then discuss options, such as complementing the existing tile and how best to tile the area with a new tile.

For example, if you are extending a room and you have two boxes of the floor tile that were cleverly stashed away, don’t rush into using those and then coming in. STOP, measure the area and bring the existing tile in. Maybe the best solution is to use the left over tiles as a border and then the new complementing tiles will not look like an after thought. There are many solutions we can help with, even when the bottom two rows of tiles in a shower have been removed.

We deal with tilers every day and have solved countless tiling dilemmas.

Just one more word of advice: we suggest you ALWAYS have extras around.

After all, we never know what surprises will come our way and that’s what makes life interesting!