Our Designer Picks for May

With our interior designers, decorators, builders and architects in mind, we have complied a small showcase of our favourite and most unique products for the month of May.

At Tile Mega Mart we have some truly amazing porcelain and ceramic products that look identical to stone, timber floorboards and even clapboards. The way that our manufacturer prints layers and layers onto the porcelain bed gives an incredible depth of field and realistic look to the tile.

Our favourite products at the moment include clapboard look-a-likes, textured wall tiles, timber floor look-a-likes and 30x90cm wall tiles. Below we will try to give as many detailed and close up shots of the tiles as possible, but remember the tiles are best appreciated in person!



The Clapboard series comes in three colours and has a wonderful, extremely realistic timber print. These are perfect for walls inside and outside.


Quite a few of our porcelain products for external use come with matching coping tiles, which are perfect for the edge of the pool or even steps. This Portland range comes with elegant and practical coping tiles, as shown in the image above.

The Portland range comes in a variety of formats, sizes and colours, so we would like to also highlight a size that is often overlooked. The 30x90cm size is a great alternative to the standard 30x60cm tile. The length gives the room an instantly more elegant and refreshing edge.




Timber-look tiles have been popular for many reasons, one being how easy they are to maintain compared to the real deal. Our timber tiles from Portobello are particularly popular because of how realistic they look – and even feel. The layers of prints are almost unrecognisable as being an imitation of wood. This Cottage Canelle tile is a beautiful take on Scandinavian-style flooring.




How stunning are these textured porcelain wall tiles in the Gotham range!? This tile also comes in a floor version.




The Lalique 30x90cm is a unique, bevelled wall tile. A contemporary touch on the traditional bevelled subway, it opens up the space and avoids all those mould-grabbing, fussy grout lines.



One of our most popular concrete looking ranges, Concretissyma, also comes in a 30x90cm size. With both a regular finish and a 3D looking feature tile, this is another one that makes a perfect alternative to the regular 30x60cm tile that has been on high-cycle for the past 8 years.



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