Six Reasons You Should Consider an Interior Designer

Six Reasons You Should Consider an Interior Designer

There is a plethora of reasons why hiring an interior designer will be worthwhile when renovating your home. It is also a common misunderstanding that interior designers are only for the rich and famous – there are many affordable interior designers available these days, that will in reality save you money in the long haul. Which brings us to our first reason…


  1. 1. Save Money
  2. Renovating a home can be timely and costly. There is a lot of acute decision making involved in selecting furniture, furnishings and colours for your home. A small error in sizing, colour, finish type and so on, can be hugely costly to fix. Having a professional helping you with each decision will ensure you don’t face any of these unexpected costs. They will also be able to get you great discounts along the way.


2. Save Time

To have someone else be able to go on site meetings and visits and consultations as well as save you hundreds of hours of research time, will be hugely beneficial to your time management!  


3. Re-Sale
  1. A home that has been planned carefully by an interior designer will scream easy re-sale! The aesthetic of a well designed and thought out home will cause it to be lapped up quickly when on the market.


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4. Project Management and Liaison

Having a professional be able to liaise with tradespeople, shop assistants and building owners as well as manage your project efficiently will be a life-saver during your renovation.


5. Resources

Designers have access to finishes, fabrics and contacts that won’t be available to the general public, as well as knowing the perfect tradespeople for your job.


6. Wow-factor!

Designers will be able to think creatively and spatially to get the most out of your space, as well as work with you to let your personal style shine through your home. A space that has been designed and decorated by a professional truly has a huge wow-factor!




Overall, not only will using a designer save you time and money and be beneficial for all of the other reasons above, having a professional designer working with you on your project will definitely save your sanity! Speak to our Design Director – Marita – at our Rosebery store, to receive a recommendation for an interior designer from her trusted directory, or enquire about her consultation services!