Tile Mega Mart Supports… “ECHOES 2: TRANSPOSITIONEN SYD – BER”

Tile Mega Mart Supports… “ECHOES 2: TRANSPOSITIONEN SYD – BER”

Tile Mega Mart is very proud to sponsor and host an art event tomorrow night above our Rosebery showroom, curated by Mirjam C. Wendt and Jake Blaschka.


‘Echoes II : Transpositionen SYD – BER’ is a cultural exchange project that Jake Blaschka and Miri Wendt have established between ES74 Gallery, Sydney and Rosalux Gallery, Berlin. The first exhibition took place at ROSALUX, Berlin between 23rd of Feb – 17th Mar 2018. And now the reciprocating exhibition will open at ES74 Gallery’s new location 5 – 15 Epsom Road, Roseberry, Sydney.

‘Echoes 2 : Transpositions SYD – BER’ presses into service the digital to shift the boundaries of the public/private spheres. What are thoughts, concepts, or actions when the digital is reality and reality is digital.

The exhibition is a kind of piracy in the urban environment, where artists navigate and plunder from a flowing wealth of everything and anything; not to annex, possess, or gain riches from, but rather to find, rearrange, and adjust things. Rosalux, Berlin unpacked these specific transpositions in March 2018 and now ES74 Gallery, Sydney will transcribe this global correspondence.


Thomas Behling, Jake Blaschka, János Brückner DAG, Ronald de Bloeme, Damian Dillon, Tiny Domingos, Gregor Hildebrandt, Alexander Klenz, Stephane Leonard, Stephen Little, Maximilian Marcoll, Eckart Pscheidl-Jeschke, Ina Sangenstedt Markus Wirthmann, Gary Warner, Kai Wasikowski, Sinta Werner, Christof Zwiener.