Tiling on top of Tiles

Tiling on top of Tiles

After living with our beautiful lounge/dining/kitchen tiles for 18 years, my husband has finally convinced me to make the change to new timber tiles from Brazil. It has not been an easy decision – my current tiles from Spain have served me well. They’ve lasted through a house full of kids and parties, dogs, cats and my forever-changing colour and styling moods.


So what was his solution? Tiling on top of tiles.
His winning argument was that we are pulling down a wall to extend the dining room, and there probably won’t be enough tiles left to replace the cracked and damaged ones. Even though I can count over 10 boxes that are tucked under the house, we’ll also need extra tiles for the new space.


“Simple!” he claims, “Pull up the skirting boards, paint the existing tiles with prep and prime, lay down the underfloor heating mats and then call the tiler.” Well, as simple as that sounds, I still need an engineer and a builder to remove the wall.


What is prep and prime?


Prep and prime is a product that replaces the old method of scoring the tiles. It’s a chemical that will ensure the new tiles bond adequately with the flexible glue required on this job.
As our current tiles are sound and have no cracking or lifting, tiling on top  tiles that are a great option that will prevent all the noise, dust and rubbish that would otherwise happen if we removed them all and started again. Now that I’ve been happily convinced, it’s full steam ahead!


If you want to do the same to your existing tiles, have a chat to our tile experts at Tile Mega Mart. You can buy the prep and prime you need, and see the great selection of new tiles we have from Brazil.



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