Bathroom Tile Design

Bathroom tile designs have become so varied we are certainly spoilt for choice.

Here we cover just some of the aspects we go through with clients when designing a bathroom.

Bathrooms are now high on the list of getting a well-designed space, lets face it we use them every day. And for resale, potential buyers are savvy and don’t want bathrooms that have had a cheap quick fix with boring white tiles.


bathroom large format tiles


Whether you have 2 – 3 bathroom spaces + an ensuite or just a family bathroom, the practical layout and design should be the first consideration. We advise our clients to map out the space on sketch paper and consider how and who uses the bathroom spaces. We assist with this in-store, always lots of fun.

Family bathrooms need plenty of storage and tiles that are easy to maintain. Plain white tiles are no longer the go to item, they can be boring, way too clinical and often you see every mark from a splash of product or stray hair. With the range of formed concrete tiles, timber plank tiles, terrazzo tiles and patterned tiles your bathroom design can be super practical and delightful to be in the space.


bathroom design



When designing bathrooms we discuss with our clients the style of their home so that the tiles selected are in keeping with the overall theme you have.

One of our favourites, the guest bathroom. This room should be stunning. Think dark and dramatic or beautifully textured. We can create this by combining colours or using the textured tiles we have. The floor tiles in guest bathrooms should flow from the adjoining room floor. We explain how to achieve this and show how to keep cohesion in your renovation or new build.

Ensuites are moving towards being an open extension of the bedroom where you see the tiles and bathroom fixtures whilst lying in bed. Therefore, this view should be relaxing and beautiful. Many of our large format tiles that are a work of art in each piece are being used in ensuite feature wall designs.

what you see from the bedroom

Bathroom tile designs are best viewed in -store, as you really need to see the true colour with your eyes and consider the overall texture from the large displays. How the colour and texture come together when seeing it on a large wall rather than just one tile really make a difference.

Lastly, the grout and tile accessories and laying techniques all get covered when buying your tiles. Touch base with our designers to ensure you have it all covered. Love your new bathroom design, we make it happen.

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