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Whether you need a new concept for your bathroom, want to increase the value of your home before selling, or just feel like renovating your living spaces (because, why not?), we can help.

We specialise in tiling solutions for bathrooms, interiors, and outdoor spaces.
Need tiles for a renovation or build project? Tile Mega Mart has the perfect product for you.

Come to our warehouse for the tiles, stay for the experience.

Design Advice

We understand the urges at play: you want a showy kitchen / bathroom / patio now.

But you don’t know where to start.

You’re in luck: we have a team of experienced and qualified interior designers, ready to help get your project on the road. Call or email us to find out which days and at which store our designers are on site.



Here’s how....


The Design Advice Process


1. Understand The Space

Our team begins by understanding the size, functionality, and current use of the space. Beyond this, we also take into consideration the adjoining spaces, to ensure that there is consistency and flow. We find out what you want and what your design inspiration is to truly make the space yours!


2.  Complete the Space

Once our team knows the space inside and out, we work with you to recommend a range of complementary and contrasting options in the room you’re going to tile. Once you love the combination as much as we do, we will get the tiles to you as quickly as possible. More often than not, the tiles will be available in the warehouse and you’re able to take them home with you or have our delivery team drop them off for you.


3. Admire the Space

All that needs to be done now is the installation! When all the hard work is done, we give you permission to sit back and admire your beautiful space. Go on, you deserve to gloat.

In Store Experience, like no other.

We strongly recommend that you visit one of our warehouses to have hands-on experience with our tiles. We want you to feel the texture for yourself, and see the colours and detail in design. In addition to the sensory experience of coming in-store to see our individual tiles, we have in-warehouse displays of selected tiles, so you can see what an entire wall of the tile looks like (and not just five or six tiles all laid together.)

What We Help With

Spoiler alert! We match your project with the perfect tiles from our warehouse. It’s pretty groundbreaking stuff, right? (pardon the pun.) Our three warehouses offer a wide range of choice

  • Bathroom tiles
  • Floor tiles
  • Kitchen tiles
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Outdoor tiles
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Portobello tiles
  • Splashback tile
  • Pool tiles


We’re not just a one-trick pony. We also provide you with a vast range of tiling tools and accessories for your tiler, including:


  • Tile adhesives for every application
  • Coloured grout to enhance your project
  • Coloured silicon to match
  • Edge trims, waterproofing, tools and much much more...


But that’s not all, folks. We’ll also give you professional interior styling advice to create the design you want - for free, because we just LOVE our tiles.


So, in a nutshell:  We find you the best tiles.  We provide your tiler with all his tiling needs.  We give design recommendations (basically, we’re a triple treat).

Frequently Asked Questions

YES we do. Large Format Tiled Bathrooms and Living Areas are our Specialty.

A Free measure and quote is provided once the Tiles, Bathware and Accessories are selected and an onsite analysis has been conducted.

Tiles are bought by the square metre or by the sheet if its a mosaic.
  • To calculate your floor area, draw it up into areas/sections, then for each area, its Length x Breadth and total them all up. E.G 2200mm x 3000mm = 6600 or 6.60 square metres
  • To calculate your wall area, its Width x Height.
  • Then add extras for cuts, wastage and spares. 10% is usual for small tiles and 15% is recommended for larger tiles.
If you have odd shapes, break it down into smaller squares.
Always get your measurements double checked by builder or tiler.
We can assist you with your estimations or if needed, do a site inspection.

Each project differs. Generally we would start with 15% extra for cuts and wastage. Larger format tiles or a particular patterns ( e.g herringbone or french pattern) would require more. We discuss all the detail of your project in store so you are familiar with talking to the trades.

The most servicable tiles for floors applications are porcelain tiles. Our outdoor tiles have an external finish that prevents slipping. We have a good range of these including outdoor timber tiles.

Some clients like a non slip style of tile on the floor in their bathroom, instore we show you the various textures and discuss the perfect texture for your project and lifestyle.

Depending on your selection you maybe able to drive away with tiles immediately. Tiles are much heavier than people think and we do recommend handling the tiles as little as possible as they are fragile until laid. Up to 250kg we will load into your car, heavier than that goods are packed on pallets for safe transport.

We have a range of delivery options that will best suit your project, from curbside delivery to hand unload into your building and even to your favourite far away island. We all wanted to chaparone the last delivery to Numea.

Yes we can measure and quote , call us to ascertain the best option for you.

There are so many different tile finishes and that's a top reason why we like you to pop in and feel the various finishes. Finishes are also important to the overall feel/ambiance of your project.

Shades of tiles can vary from batch to batch. Every production run cannot be identical due to the mechanics in fabrication, just like fabric dyelots differ. That's why we advise our customers to buy the appropriate quantities.

This is common, the size, colour, the finish, tile layout, style, combinations can all be tricky.
We discuss your project in depth so we understand exactly your needs and style. We know our products in depth and we always start with the practical , then make it look amazing.



All Of Our Customers Love Us. Here’s Why

“Top service and product at Smithfield! We looked for tiles all over Sydney for our new house. At Tile Mega Mart Smithfield, we found tiles that met our sophisticated expectations as well as great customer service and professional guidance. Harry and Anmol are a great team!!”

Armend, September 2018.

“Huge place with amazing looking tiles.”

Mari, September 2017

“Excellent service. Very friendly. Excellent price. The team at Rosebery were friendly and very supportive, especially Gerard the manager.  I will continue to purchase my tiles from you. If you have an issue just reach out to Gerard - he’s genuine and really wants to help.”

Jimk, March 2018

“Great to deal with and no issues! Always helpful and friendly. Very happy - I would highly recommend.”

Paul, January 2018

“Brittany at the Newcastle Tighes Tile Mega Mart has just made the whole bathroom tile selection process a pleasure. She was welcoming, friendly and gave me accurate information and relevant advice on each and every tile I enquired about. Even though I have a close to four-hour drive to the store, I would never shop anywhere else for tiles, and would highly recommend everyone to check out Mega Tile Mart and Brittany for any tile purchase.”

Kerry, June 2018

“Highly recommended! I have to say our experience from start to finish at Tile Mega Mart has been nothing but remarkable. For a couple who had zero experience nor knowledge about tiles, Gerard (Ged) and the team made it extremely easy and informative. Nothing was too difficult or a hassle for them. There is without a shadow of a doubt that I would return to them as customers again. Keep up the tremendous good work, guys.”

Dennis, May 2018

“Wonderful and unusual tiles found here, and they made the process of buying and shipping interstate easy.”

Cat L, May 2019

“Outstanding service from Tile Mega Mart Alexandria! Shamse is a rock star! She was always very helpful and responded to us quickly with updates and quotes when we requested them. The manager at the Alexandria store, Gerard, was also very helpful and provided us with honest advice and competitive pricing. If you want a great experience at Tile Mega Mart, speak to Shamse and Gerard!”

Angelo, June 2017



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