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Outdoor tiles are a general description given to tiles that can be used outside. Most tiles can be used outside but we need to consider where the tiles will be installed. For walls outside, it is best to use smooth finishes that dust will wash off in the rain or when hosed. For floors outside, such as driveways and entrance paths, a finish that has texture is required to prevent slips when wet.


Often people confuse outdoor tiles for pavers.  Pavers are generally concrete or stones that are 30mm thick. Tiles are manufactured differently to pavers and range from 6mm to 25mm thick. Pavers can be laid on a bed of sand. Tiles require a concrete slab for installation. There are pros and cons for both which is another blog, but generally, tiles on a slab is by far, an easier option for future care.

Outdoor floor tiles are increasingly popular, Why ?….

The maintenance is super easy, they extend living areas brilliantly and the design selections are so much more extensive than ever before.

New home designs and renovations incorporate outdoor dining areas, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor living areas so it makes sense to keep the floors cohesive which gives a sense that the area is larger.  Even when not in use, the view of the outdoors is important and should complement the internal elements.   

Not only the outdoor floors, tiles improve wall vistas, create stunning garden wall features and practical outdoor splashbacks for the barbeques. I’m just about to tile the garage wall outside with beautiful large-format timber plank tiles 300 x 1800mm in size so I don’t have to look at boring painted wall clad sheeting. This will create a gentle, more textured backdrop for large pots.  And again maintenance gets a tick, no need for future painting. My inspiration came from a shop front that used our tiles. 

Williams artisan bread and espresso. Tile Collection ~ “Ibirpuera Mix”

In terms of maintenance, outdoor entertaining spaces need flooring where food spills, dirt, and grasses can easily be swept or hosed off. Glazed porcelain tiles are perfect for this, they won’t stain. No need to worry about oily snags hitting the ground or the messy cook splattering the fat from the BBQ. Always ask about the finish of your outdoor flooring. Concrete pavers and natural stones will stain. They need ongoing sealing to maintain the look as when first bought.

Many of our ranges have an internal and an external finish in the same design. See the above images, the Belgique and Lombarda.  Not to get confused here, all glazed porcelain tiles can be installed outside. Some of our clients have large external areas that are covered so they have used exactly the same tile indoor and out.  In areas that get wet and are used frequently, such as the entrance to a home you need texture to prevent slipping.

Some outdoor tiles have more texture than others so it’s important to feel this. Our tiling team guide you through which finish best suits your project.

Tile Designs for outdoor

Sometimes the design of a home will require a different tile outside to the one used inside. We look at the style of home and the use of the area. An example of this would be period style homes such as Federation may benefit from a sandstone tile or a decking tile.

Recently, we had to consider an undercover parking that was also used as an entertaining area when the whole family arrived. This required tiles that hid the tyres marks, be slip-resistant when it rains but look amazing when there are no cars and the guests arrive. We specified the B.I.S  graphite for this modern home at Maroubra.

Outdoor tiles around a pool will need good texture as kids are almost impossible to stop running with wet feet.

Around a pool look for good texture and easy care colours such as this B.I.S series.

Not sure where to start, our design team understands and can book in a time to chat.

Decking Tiles

Decking tiles or timber plank tiles also have outdoor textures that suit swimming pool areas and balconies. The timber look tiles are so realistic now our clients often get confused when viewing the large displays we have, asking if they are real timber.

Tile Design

You are spoilt for choice with the range of glazed porcelain tiles for outdoor use. Keep in mind the tile design for your outdoor areas can make a huge difference. We consider the outdoor aesthetics are just as important as any indoor decorating. The layout, the patterns and the combinations of tiles are important to you enjoying the space all year round. Contact us today and find out how one of our design specialists can help you.

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