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TERRAZZO 60 X 60 R.O.K / ECONOMY GRADE – Porcelain Tile

$24.95 m2 Including GST

Specifications & Information

  • Not 1st Choice / Run Of Kiln (ROK) Quality
  • No Sealing Required
  • 3mm Grout Joint
  • 8.5 mm Thickness
  • Variation Mix = V3 Moderate (12 Faces)
  • Sold in Box lots of 1.44 m2 = 4 pcs

Out of stock

Run Of Kiln (ROK) Quality is explained as follows with its common applications;

  • Not A Grade and/or ungraded production runs from local Tile producers, and are not always available (limited).
  • Commonly known as “Economy Grade” Tiles and sold at 40% – 50% Off A Grade price.
  • Simply put, they don’t meet ardent Australian Tile re-sellers quality criteria. The product has the same technical strength and performs the same as 1st Choice, however the tile surface may have minor aesthetics and/or visual defects.
  • The common/ideal applications are; Rental Properties, Commercial areas, Man Caves, outdoor areas or other areas where a cost saving is required over visual perfection. Also widely used by DIY installers where tile placement and selection can be managed to obtain a ECONOMY style outcome/job by cutting any too obvious spots/defects, especially when a few metres more are purchased.
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