Home Court Advantage: Value and Luxury of a Tennis Home

Tennis enthusiasts are not the only ones who have renewed interest in installing a private tennis court. This year, the demand for luxury homes with tennis courts has increased. Due to COVID-19 and the lifestyle changes that resulted, residential properties with tennis facilities have become more desirable.

Tennis enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the relaxation of restrictions on public tennis courts. If you are able to afford it, consider bringing the game into your backyard. There are many reasons why you should consider building a tennis court on your property.

Health and Fitness

Tennis requires a lot of physical effort. It tests an individual’s agility, strength, mobility, and stamina. Tennis is an all-around exercise that can help you achieve overall fitness. Anyone can play tennis, regardless of age. Bill Gates is guilty of playing tennis at the age of 66.

It is also a wonderful initiative that will encourage your family to be more active. This will enable your family to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and it will instill discipline in children. Tennis is just as effective as treadmill jogging in losing winter fat.

Increase Property Valuation

In the past, people preferred smaller and more manageable properties. The trend shifted after COVID-19. Real estate markets favor properties with full-service recreation amenities. The buyer wants to be sheltered from the outside world. Property with more open-air and outdoor space is highly sought after.

Installing a private tennis court on your property will also help you to upgrade it as an estate. The court will allow for more construction work on flat land and increase the value of the property. Tennis courts are relatively less expensive to maintain than other large recreational facilities. It is still a great investment, even if you don’t want to sell your home.

Improve your Skills

What could be better for developing your skills than a backyard court? You can either invite some friends over to play against the ball machine, or you can practice your returns with it. Your tennis court will increase your accessibility and give you more opportunities to practice. You would also not have to deal with the inconveniences of visiting public courts, such as waiting in line and tiresome travel.

Personality and Prestige

Remember the movies where millionaires, aristocrats, and billionaires played tennis on their private courts? You can have your tennis court! Tennis courts can give your home a unique personality and are regarded as a luxury. This will be your new socializing space for all of your family and friends.

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