How to Decorate a Large Blank Wall

A large, blank wall shouts possibilities. If you find decorating stressful, then that screaming could be coming from yourself. Whatever your decorating feelings, it is hard to deny the pressure that comes with such a big canvas.

Do not worry! We have seven fantastic ideas for decorating a large blank space. These decorating ideas will help you create a stunning look for your home.

Eclectic Wall Gallery

A gallery wall can be a great way to fill a large space. It’s easy to decorate your wall using a collection of medium and small pieces arranged according to your taste. You can make the effect even more dynamic by using one or two large pieces as the focal point of the gallery.

You can create a gallery using many different methods. Once you’ve found one that you like, you can let your imagination run wild. A gallery wall should be equal in terms of consistency and contrast. You can choose a loose theme or palette but don’t forget to mix things up.

Grid Gallery/Print Set

Grid gallery walls using matching prints are the older sister of the eclectic gallery wall. Framed print sets can help you achieve a well-curated, put-together appearance. Etsy is full of independent artists who have amazing print sets available for sale. Take some time to browse and find something that fits your style.

Before you begin hanging, consider how you would like the grid wall to look. Be sure to check the sizes of your prints and that they will fit when turned at a distance. Grid galleries look great centered, but you can experiment.

Oversized Art

When you want to go large, an oversized work of art can be the best option. Framing is expensive, and although framed prints and paintings have always been popular, they can be very costly. You might consider an alternative, such as a vinyl or tapestry mural.

You’ll often want to let the big piece of art speak for itself and not clutter up your wall with other things. A minimalist style works best around the large piece, as it needs room to “breathe.”


Shelves can be a great way to decorate a wall. They can also hold books, knickknacks, and treasured heirlooms. This makes them both visually flexible and an excellent way to store household items. You can fill your empty space with shelves and have a variety of storage options.

For some rooms, free-standing shelves can give your room a more dignified appearance. In some cases, floating shelves are a great way to save space. They also offer countless decorating options. Add some wall art to your shelves for a nice contrast.

Lighting Features

You can use light in various ways to bring life to a dull wall. Sconces are a great way to fill up blank spaces on your walls. They come in so many different styles that you should be able to find one that matches any theme.

Lighting will also enhance any other additions you make to your wall. Consider getting track or recessed can lights to highlight your beautiful art. On large walls, you might want to use multiple types of lighting to create sections.

TV wall

If you haven’t decided on a location yet, consider your large blank wall. You might consider mounting the TV on a wall that is centrally located and easy to gather around. It is possible to mount a TV yourself. However, it is always best to hire a professional if you are not confident.

You can then decorate the area around your TV. The floating entertainment center will protect your TV while holding consoles and other equipment. Try flanking your TV with a matching wall decor set for a balanced appearance. Don’t forget about the location of your sound system.


It’s not necessary to drive a hybrid car to be green. Plants can make your home more beautiful and vibrant and are thought to be good for mental health. Watch your wall come to life when you add some greenery. When in doubt, choose plants that are within your gardening abilities.

Decorators may want to mix plants with other items like clocks, shelves, tapestries, and prints. Some decorators create a wall of plants in one spot. This works well if the wall receives uneven amounts of sunlight. You won’t regret adding some nature to your wall.

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