Integrating security into your new home design

Close to 90% of all burglaries committed in the US are against residential properties. In addition, three out of four American homes will likely be burglarized in the next 20 years. Only 17% of homes are equipped with a security system. The risk of burglary for the remaining 83% is 300% higher. Most Americans believe that installing security cameras in the home and good locks on doors will suffice to protect their home. These are just the basic protections for a brand-new home. Many other solutions are worth considering. One solution is to integrate security systems into a property’s architectural design.

Take a look at some of the most innovative ways to integrate enhanced security into the design of your new home.

How to Choose New Home Security Camera Systems

It is important to choose a reliable security camera system when buying a home or building one from scratch. The system should be able to do the job while seamlessly blending into the decor of the house. Bulky camera systems can ruin the balance of carefully selected home architecture and interior design. There are ways to integrate a less noticeable camera system.

Choose shapes and colors to match your interior design

Decide which CCTV security cameras you want to install in your home or driveway. Study all the options carefully and select the best colors and shapes.

You can manually paint the cameras in the color that best matches the style, furniture, carpeting, and other elements of your room. Use them to add color to a dull room or as a complement. You could, of course, stick with the classic black or white options if you have a clean and simple architectural style.

Location: Integrate your security cameras into the architecture of your home

You can also install your security cameras in high places if you are installing chandeliers, pendant cage lights, or art on the ceiling. Not your style? You can mount them on walls or hide them in landscaping. You can even get models that are recessed to make them less noticeable. Choose portable security cameras to have even more flexibility in their placement around the home. Just be sure that maintenance of your home security system won’t become too complicated due to difficult access to cameras and sensors.

Tips for Choosing Security Camera Systems

  • You can choose a security camera with night vision depending on whether or not you intend to install LED lights throughout the home.
  • Consider a model of camera that is able to swivel around 360 degrees, can connect to your home’s wifi network, and uses motion sensors as an extra layer of protection.
  • Add a visual doorbell that matches the style of your door to the front door.
  • Add extra layers of security to your home by installing small, unnoticeable sensors on your windows and doors.

Protect Doors and Windows with Stained Glass Stickers, Muntins, And Security Film

You could also choose to install additional security measures for your doors and windows.

Windows and Decorative Coverings

Window coverings can add style to a new home. You can choose prism colors or custom cutouts for frosted glass windows. Choose stained window stickers that feature beautiful decorative elements. They will enhance the look of your home while also providing protection.

Fence Gates and Muntins

Choose metal fence gates or wooden or metal muntins to hold and separate glass inside furniture, glass doors, or windows. They are often part of Western architecture and can be a great way to integrate more security into the design of your home. A glass paneled entrance door or glass placed near the door can increase home security risks. They can add natural light in a dark hallway. However, they also contribute to a low-quality security system. Installing a double-cylinder deadbolt could reduce some of the risk. Installing a window film of polyester that is affixed to the glass can make it more difficult for a burglar.

You can also replace glass panels with solid-core external doors without any glass. Select a robust model that matches your home’s aesthetics. Choose a door with intricate details, divided lites, and sidelines surrounded by wood to create a warm welcome. Consider a natural wood arched door for a classic look or something that best fits your home’s architectural style.

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