The Plumber’s Guide to Buying a New Home

The purchase of a home can be a difficult investment. Many homebuyers forget to check for the approval of the pest and building inspectors.

You wouldn’t purchase a vehicle without checking the engine. Similarly, you should not buy a house without inspecting its plumbing system. Unmaintained plumbing systems can cause major problems, even if they are superficial.

Don’t let yourself get into trouble, and use this plumbing checklist when you buy a home.

Water Leaks

You’d be amazed at how many leaks are overlooked.

In general, fixing indoor leaks is relatively inexpensive. Usually, it only requires a simple replacement or repair. Water damage to nearby structures can become a larger problem in the future.

When inspecting a house, you should look for signs of water damage. These include warped floors, bubbling or water-stained walls, cracks, and mold. It may be easy to fix the tap, but structural damage could cause you to spend your savings much sooner than you would like.


Drainage problems can seem unassuming, but they are one of the most difficult plumbing issues to fix.

Be aware of the speed at which the water drains from any taps or toilets. Also, listen for any gurgling noises coming from the drain. These are signs that the drainage system is not working properly. Cracked pipes could cause them, blocked sewers, or incorrect installation.

These are the signs of a blocked sewer. It could be as simple as cooking oil or scraps. It could also be a sign of tree roots or cracks within the sewer and water lines. These are serious problems that cannot be ignored.

Water Hammer

It is a terrible experience to turn on the faucet and hear a loud hammering sound echo through the wall.

The sound produced when water is abruptly stopped or forced to change its direction is called a water Hammer. This pressure can lead to major problems. The pressure can also cause problems.

Hot Water Systems

After a long day of packing, the last thing you need is a cold bath. When buying a home, you should check the hot water system.

It is important to remember that hot water systems only last, on average, 10-15 years. They can also be expensive to replace. You can avoid having to install a new unit during move-in by checking the model and make.

Pre Purchase Inspect

It’s not true that a building inspection covers all these things.

Building inspectors do not have the necessary qualifications to certify plumbing systems. A pre-purchase plumbing inspection by your local plumber is a good idea if you want peace of mind. Why would you buy a home without first having it inspected by a plumber?

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