The Statement Pieces to Make Your Home Standout

A piece of furniture or an interior design element that is well-chosen can transform a room. You can add flair with anything from a gallery wall to an accent chair. Here are some of the statement pieces that will make your home pop. These pieces can be used as inspiration to create an environment that is uniquely yours.

Statement Walls

A well-designed statement piece is not only a stand-alone item, but it’s also a real show-stopper. You can find many options on the internet, but we have selected our favorites.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall combines decor with interior design. Start with a large, blank wall. You can either arrange them in rows with the same picture frame or assemble them into different shapes and sizes. A gallery wall will showcase your favorite photos or art. Install lights on top or sides of the wall to add extra flair.

Board and Batten

The board and batten work especially well for farmhouses or homes in the craftsman style. The 3D effect is eye-catching and creates a strong statement. Cover a wall all the way up to the ceiling to create a modern farmhouse feel, or you can go halfway or two-thirds up for a traditional look. Paint the wall in a vibrant color, such as a deep blue or bright yellow.

Accent wall

A wall accent could be the most straightforward option. It’s important to choose the right wall for the room. After you have selected the perfect fence, you can decide whether to paint it or use wallpaper. The wallpaper is more striking, and the wallpaper can be changed later.

Furniture that Will Catch Your Eye

Furniture that is a focal point in your home will make it easier to get the most out of your budget. It’s not only functional but also a part of your decor.

Entry Table with Style

The entryway is the first place you can impress guests with your interior design. Why not create a stylish entry table that will catch their attention and also serve as a convenient place for them to leave their keys or remove their shoes? This statement piece combines form and function. Hang a large mirror above the door to reflect light and to allow you to check your appearance before leaving.

Farmhouse table

The farmhouse table is usually bigger and more sturdy than other tables. Adding one to your dining area will make a big impact. The rough texture is great for families with small children because it can hide many messes.

You may choose to decorate your table with accent pieces and minimal decor, depending on the size of the room. This will help the table not overwhelm the space.

Bold Accent chair

Accent chairs can be made unique by a variety of factors. Pick a chair that has a distinctive shape, color, fabric, or pattern. The piece will stand out against the rest of the furniture if you choose a unique design. You can use two chairs of the same design to accent a large room.

Decor that Pops

Decor in a home can have two different functions. It can either blend in to make the room feel complete or stand out and draw your attention. If you’re lacking in other decor pieces that make your home unique, a bold item could be the answer.

Oversized mirrors

Even second-hand large mirrors are expensive. But they have many benefits. They are not only impressive, but they also brighten your room and make it feel larger. There are oversized mirrors for every design style. You can choose something ornate to match a traditional style or a simple, minimalist frame for a modern or minimal aesthetic.

Customized Curtains

Window treatments are not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking for a piece of furniture with a big impact, but the right one can completely transform a space. Custom curtains are a great way to save money, and they will look much better and fit your space than anything you can buy at a big box store. Do you have any sewing skills? You can use them to create your own using a fabric that you love.

Choose only one or two.

It’s fun to add a statement piece to a room, but you can easily get carried away. Statement pieces are meant to grab your attention. If you use too many in a room, the result can be cluttered and overwhelming.

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