What Does a House Cleaner Do? What to Expect from a Professional Cleaner

You have hired professional cleaners to clean your house? Great decision! You will be able to manage your time more effectively by outsourcing cleaning tasks.

Professional cleaners can be scheduled to clean your home on a weekly basis or twice a week. This allows you to focus your time and energy on a new activity, a skill or a freelance work to maximize your earnings.

What exactly do cleaning technicians do at each cleaning appointment? If you’ve never hired a house cleaner before, you may not know what to expect. Will they clean only the living area or also the bedroom and garage? Answer: The inclusions of each cleaning appointment will vary depending on the type of service and your specific requirements, especially for professional house cleaners in Auckland.

We will explain the inclusions of different cleaning services and the chores that are not included. You should always check what is included before you sign a contract. A quick call to the cleaner of your choice can confirm this.

Standard inclusions in a regular cleaning include vacuuming, dusting, making the beds, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, mopping the floors and cleaning all surfaces. You can book a deep clean if you want a thorough cleaning of your home. The cleaning team will pay extra attention to bathroom tiles, kitchen appliances and even wastebaskets.

To help you understand the differences between regular cleaning and detail cleaning, here are some examples:

Cleaning services:

  • Bathroom tiles are disinfected and cleaned
  • Cleaning commonly used areas
  • The bathroom baseboards should be cleaned.
  • Vacuuming and mops the kitchen floors
  • The outside of the range hood can be cleaned with a cleaning agent
  • Tables and chairs are cleaned
  • Wipe down the outside of the microwave
  • Dusting the kitchen area
  • Mirrors can be cleaned
  • Window sills are cleaned
  • Cleaners dust picture frames

Spring cleaning:

  • Cleaning the inside of the oven and range hood
  • Cleaning behind kitchen appliances is easy with a cleaner
  • Dust all corners, including those that are hard to reach
  • Remove scale from showerheads, kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles.
  • The doors are cleaned with a special solution to remove fingerprints
  • Lamp shades cleaned
  • Vacuuming upholstery and furniture
  • Clean the area underneath the sink thoroughly
  • All blinds should be washed
  • Duster intricate items
  • Hand-wipe the front of cabinets
  • Carpet edges vacuumed

Let’s talk about some of the things you shouldn’t expect your cleaner to do.

Cleaning Services Can’t Instantly Transform your Home

It is not realistic to expect that you can achieve this in one clean. It is true that your home will smell and look fresh. However, it may require several cleanings spread over a period of months to remove all dirt and hard stains. The time it takes to clean your house and get it to the desired standard depends on how much cleaning you do, as well as how often you have cleaners visit your home.

Cleaning professionals usually need to do at least two cleanings before they can learn the flow and efficiency of a home.

You can help your cleaners to meet your expectations by being very specific about the cleaning you need. You can ask them to concentrate on a particular area for the two or three hours that they will be in your home. This way, you can help them meet your expectations. Cleaning services want to do a good job for you, so telling them what you want them focus on will help them prioritize.

It Is Not Necessary to Tidy Before Cleaning

It is not a rule that must be followed, since cleaners will always pick up dirty clothing and other items to clean before starting the cleaning process. If you have only reserved a two-hour stay, it is important to not waste time. Instead of asking the cleaners for help with putting away magazines or other clutter, do it yourself so they don’t have to spend the first 30 minutes putting these things away. If you make sure that all surfaces are free of clutter, your cleaners will be able to move around the house more quickly.

You will get more for your money if you do this!

It’s A No-no To Run Personal Errands

Cleaning services do not include running errands, such as buying groceries or picking your children up from school. Cleaning services are happy to assist you with keeping your home clean, but should not be asked to perform tasks that are beyond their scope.

Professional cleaners usually only do the cleaning inside your home. If you want someone to help you with your grocery shopping, or any maintenance work at your home, you may need to hire a personal assistance. You can also hire a handyman to fix anything that needs to be fixed in your property. Cleaning services should not be hired to walk your dog, clean your toilet or take care of your children.

Why Not Hire Someone?

It is not a luxury to hire cleaners. More and more people are realizing the advantages of hiring professionals to help with some of their cleaning tasks. While hiring cleaners will allow you to finally put an end to the hours spent cleaning the toilet and removing dirt from the living room, it is important to remember that not all cleaning tasks are suitable for cleaners.

At Flash Cleaning, we emphasize the importance of communication with our clients. This is especially true for those who are new to hiring professional cleaning services. We will go over the standard cleaning services we provide and take note of any specific requirements you may have.

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