Idaho’s Popular Home Styles

Are you planning to move to Idaho? Congratulations! Idaho is an excellent place to live, according to those who already call it home. Have you made a decision yet about whether you want to buy a home or build one from scratch? This article is a good indication that you haven’t made a decision yet. Idaho homes come in many sizes and styles. From penthouses to ranch-style homes, there is something for everyone. Some styles do dominate the Idaho real estate market! That’s our topic today. Today, we’ll talk about the most popular Idaho home styles. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading.

Craftsman style

You will love the craftsman style if you enjoy artisan work. These homes are beautiful. You can see a lot of stone, wood, and brick in the exterior of these homes. These homes also tend to have a small porch and yard! The interior is usually open and spacious. On the first floor, there is an open concept and a lot of custom-made furniture. The second floor has all the bedrooms. You can also expect to find a lot more windows and high ceilings.

There are two reasons why Craftsman-style homes are some of the most sought-after home styles in Idaho. They are also cheaper. Second, the layout, size, and other features of the house can be easily changed, provided you hire a good contractor. Craftsman-style houses can be adapted to suit everyone’s needs.

Ranch Style

The Ranch style is next on our list of most popular home designs in Idaho. These homes are often found on the outskirts of larger cities. These homes are popular near mountains, lakes, rivers, and other natural features. Ranch-style houses are ideal for people who like peace or prefer to live in the middle. If you’re one of these people, then hurry up and contact Peasley Transfer & Storage movers for help moving to your new home – Idaho is full of Ranch-style houses.

Ranch-style houses are usually large and feature large yards. They are perfect for large families or people who have pets (not only dogs and pets but also animals like horses). The majority of Ranch-style houses in Idaho are one-story, but they can be two stories.

Colonial Style

Colonial-style houses have a way of making us think about our past. Colonial-style homes remind us of simpler days. Perhaps that’s why they’re also the most popular style of home in Idaho. Their evenly spaced shutters and windows easily recognize them, the centered front door, or their decorative exterior. Most of these houses have an open plan with a central fireplace. The second (and third floor) is usually used as bedrooms. However, you can change this if you know how to renovate your home.

Ranch-style homes can be expensive, so keep that in mind when you are planning to buy one. These homes are usually large and situated on properties with a lot of space in the back and front (some have a swimming pool, a play area, a barbecue area, etc.). If you choose to build your own Ranch-style home, it is possible to make it meet your needs while also staying within your budget.

Tudor Style

Like Colonial-style homes, Tudor-style houses also make us nostalgic. They make us nostalgic for the past. Their architecture is romantic and charming. On the exterior of the house, arched doors and wooden beams are visible, as well as high-pitched roofing, stucco walls, and even high-pitched pitched roofs. On the inside, there are many separate areas and narrow hallways, just like in the old days. Many Tudor-style houses come with furniture built in that looks like it was from the Tudor period. However, you can change things around and select rustic furniture for your home or a modern piece.

The majority of Tudor homes in Idaho are found in historic towns and historical areas of cities. They are rarely seen in the suburbs or the city center. You can tell these houses are occupied mostly by retirees and people who like to be away from the bustle of city life.

Modern Style

Modern-style homes are a must when discussing popular home styles. Modern-style homes are everywhere. It goes without saying that people love modern and new things. Modern-style houses are similar to contemporary-style dwellings (which are very popular in Idaho). However, they place more emphasis on minimalism. There are no exterior decorations, flat roofs, large yards, or even any at all. The interiors are also very simple. Modern-style houses are also very simple on the inside – high ceilings, open concept, modern amenities, etc. Most people like this style of home because it’s very customizable. You can make it suit your needs and personality.

You can see that there are many home styles that are popular in Idaho. However, the ones mentioned above dominate the marketplace. We recommend that you do some research before you decide to build or buy a home in Idaho. Consider different houses and whether they suit your lifestyle. Each home style has a unique personality.

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